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The Day of the Dead in Mexico City begins with a grand parade

Day of the dead, a very lively tradition

Imagen de The Day of the Dead in Mexico City begins with a grand parade

With one month to go before the Day of the Dead Parade, prepare your trip to Mexico City!

The air smells like a cempasúchil flowers! Mexico City stealthily begins to prepare for celebration of the Day of the Dead festival.

Organizers and volunteers for the Day of the Dead Parade, which takes place on October 27 this year, have been diligently working to make this millenary tradition possible in the country’s capital.

There is still time to plan your visit and witness this celebration filled with color, flavors, music and nostalgia. The parade’s catrinas, skulls, floats and families honoring the dead will flow through city’s main avenues.

The trip continues and artisans, artists, musicians, chefs, bring their talents to celebrate the deceased in this Mexican tradition that has been named an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

The holiday is unique as it allows participants time to say a prayer and mourn the loss of loved ones, while still celebrating life.  

As the living, it is our responsibility to honor the memory and share the stories of our dearly departed so they are valued and remembered. It is believed that through these celebrations and parades, we illuminate the path so their souls can return home. 

The Day of the Dead Parade has taken over Mexico City. The plazas, streets, gardens and the capital's Zócalo become the stage for parades and offerings. More than 2,000 organizers and volunteers make this event possible. There will be free concerts of rock, jazz and blues in the Foro Artístico, and of course, traditional Mexican music.

Additional Things to Do: 
Get on the Turibus, the hop-on hop-off bus
Go to the zoo
Tour the Museum of Natural History
Visit the center of Coyoacán
Explore the Zócalo, a World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO 
Visit the Palace of Fine Arts.

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