Dear USA,

Siblings are natural born friends life partners

They make us laugh and guide our way. Like siblings, we may be different, but our connection is unbreakable. You have always been the brave and adventurous one, and I have always been the fearless and colorful one.

We’ve grown and dreamed together

We’ve shared wonderful times together. Imagining. Playing. Even becoming superheroes, flying and navigating the stars, inventing and creating magical stories. We each have our own ambitions, yet we have always inspired each other.

Remember our dreams of traveling to the world’s most magical

Even surreal places? Let’s make it happen. Let’s soar above your incredible national parks and journey through my mystical jungles. Let's climb your tallest mountains and skyscrapers, and explore the sacred trials and traditions of my ancestors. Let's applaud your grand shows and immerse ourselves in my awe-inspiring, natural wonders. Let's feel the energy of your glamorous cities and experience my vibrant and magical colonial towns.

You already know many of my beaches

They are world-famous for both celebrations and relaxation. But did you know you can visit other beaches with hidden, sacred, and even fluorescent waters? I can’t begin to describe what you’ll feel when we go surfing on sand dunes. How about practicing yoga by the sea or in breathtaking natural landscapes? Or hearing some of the world’s oldest living languages as you stroll through my colorful markets? You will fall in love with my ancient, treasured cuisine and its unforgettable flavors.

There’s so much for us to explore and experience together.

The only question is: how far will we go?

We can always have our differences. But let’s make them our strengths and source of inspiration. The reason why we love and respect each other, always. Because, above all, we share a common value: our deep passion for freedom.

Come, let’s fly... and together we’ll discover new worlds and experience our wildest dreams.

With love,


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Riviera Maya
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Riviera Maya
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