A place hidden in the heart of the state of Queretaro, it was founded in the 17th Century by a group of Spanish families. It stretches on the skirts of a rock formation, one of the largest wonders in the country. With a height of 288 meters, it is said that this rock attracts strange phantasmagorical events that give the place a lot of character. There, you can visit constructions from the 18th Century and admire the religious fervor that congregates around the San Sebastian Parish, and the Animas and Santa Cruz Chapels.


Natural Sites


From the highway that leads to the Peña de Bernal, it is impossible not to see how this rocky outcrop rises. This is the third most imposing outcrop in the world, only after Gibraltar, United Kingdom, and Pan de Azucar in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is formed by an etching of minerals – which give it the energy that many believe to be cosmic – and that is why walking around its surrounding forests presents us with the possibility of finding a piece of quartz or obsidian, in addition to the evident benefit of sharing with nature.




Pueblo Magico


The beauty of its Colonial buildings and the color of its landscapes are sufficient for San Sebastian de Bernal to have been recognized as a Pueblo Magico. And if this wasn’t enough, let us add the fact that every year the more devoted travelers have a celebration at the rocky outcrop during the spring equinox, with the sole purpose of recharging themselves with positive energy. Those who have more conventional religious convictions also have many chapels to choose from and the San Sebastian parish.





Peñon de Bernal is one of the great natural wonders in the country, which is why it has become one of the goals for national and international climbers who are seeking a challenge. However, lovers of adventure will have to reach it on foot. Its walls, more than 350 meters high, are ideal for rappel and rock climbing, although fortunately the less daring have the option of also practicing hiking or mountain biking along its many forest paths.

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Baja California

This is the land of Tijuana, the most vibrant border city in Mexico; Ensenada, a very popular port for fishing aficionados; and Valle de Guadalupe (Guadalupe Valley), a region of clay and loam soils, with extravagant white rocks, where vineyards are grown, drinks get better and better, and food is wonderful. You must drive a car to explore the surprises that each one of the wineries holds, where the traveler will find signature wines, enchanting small hotels and the best restaurants in the country.


Baja California Sur

One of the best tourist developments in Mexico is located on the tip of the Baja California Peninsula. This is a place where Hollywood stars come for vacations, because of the quality of their hotels and the service. The contrast between the desert and the sea is dazzling. But that is not all; this is the place for world-class spas and golf courses. Since the times of John Wayne and Ernest Hemingway, fishing has also been one of the biggest attractions of this area in Mexico.