La cultura del vino y el acuario del mundo  

Wine Country and the Aquarium of the World



Discover incredible places full of life, sun and sea, where you can enjoy the best wines in Mexico and spectacular landscapes that range from the inhospitable desert to the imposing mountains, in addition to dozens of features
Los tarahumaras milenarios

The Millenary Tarahumaras

 A unique experience: rich in landscapes, magic and color. The Route extends over the majestic Copper Canyon (Barrancas del Cobre), and covers the stretch from the port of Mazatlan in Sinaloa, passing through Los Mochis, and continues on to the extensive Tarahumara Sierra
La magia de las tradiciones y la naturaleza

The magic of Traditions and Nature

Explore the cultural wealth and historical heritage of the Purepecha region, which showcases traditions and the privileged natural environment of one of the most beautiful and fertile regions, full of history, art and culture
La Cuna de la Historia y el Romanticismo

The Birthplace of History and Romanticism

Enjoy a fascinating historical tour, discovering some of the destinations from the Mexican Independence, which leads to the Mexican Pacific Ocean, where sun, sand and sea underline the beauty of this country with its magic and color
El arte del tequila y la msica bajo el sol

The art of Tequila and Music under the Sun

The origins of tequila go back to Pre-Hispanic times, when fermented agave beverages were consumed by Aztec leaders and holy men. This Route presents the best way to combine traditions, culture and much fun
Las bellezas Huastecas

The Huastecas and their Outstanding Beauty

Explore the Huastecas and their natural wonders, archaeological sites, culture and incomparable cuisine. Discover the Huasteca in Veracruz, the Huasteca in San Luis Potos’, and the Huasteca in Tamaulipas
Los mil sabores del mole

Thousand flavors of Mole

Relish in the aromas and colors of mole, one of the most representative dishes in Mexican cuisine. The origin of mole is lost in legend and is inspiration for this very special journey, which will take you around some of the richest spots in culture and tradition
El misterio y el origen de los Mayas

The Mystery and origin of the Maya Culture

Discover the awe-inspiring past that will offer a life-changing experience, for the culture and the colors that fill the Mayan world will stay with you forever in lasting memories
Una experiencia virreinal

A Colonial Experience

Experience a tour full of culture, among pink quarry stone and romantic cobble streets, and engrave in your memory the colorful customs. This Route invites you to explore epic landscapes filled with history, combined with adventure and adrenaline in daring extreme sports
Encuentro Fascinante entre la Historia y la modernidad

Fascinating encounter between History and Modern day Mexico

Be amazed with an interesting fusion between the rural and the modern, a mixture of millenary activities like agriculture, and large industries. Through this Route, you will learn about the history of the most representative places in each state, as well as enjoying the singular natural beauty: desert areas, ocean and gorgeous landscapes
  Ruta Don Vasco  

Don Vasco Route

Explore the places where the ‘Tata’ of the Michoacán people, Don Vasco de Quiroga, lived; where the cultural, artistic, architectonic and humanistic legacy left by him in Michoacán remains, as a result of his efforts to achieve an ideal society ....

Route experiences

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States that make up

Baja California

This is the land of Tijuana, the most vibrant border city in Mexico; Ensenada, a very popular port for fishing aficionados; and Valle de Guadalupe (Guadalupe Valley), a region of clay and loam soils, with extravagant white rocks, where vineyards are grown, drinks get better and better, and food is wonderful. You must drive a car to explore the surprises that each one of the wineries holds, where the traveler will find signature wines, enchanting small hotels and the best restaurants in the country.


Baja California Sur

One of the best tourist developments in Mexico is located on the tip of the Baja California Peninsula. This is a place where Hollywood stars come for vacations, because of the quality of their hotels and the service. The contrast between the desert and the sea is dazzling. But that is not all; this is the place for world-class spas and golf courses. Since the times of John Wayne and Ernest Hemingway, fishing has also been one of the biggest attractions of this area in Mexico.