Pacific region
  • Cosalá
  • Sinaloa

The town's magic is clearly visible in the prosperous mining past that saw its founding and in the phenomenal architecture that has withstood ...

  • Comala
  • Colima

Nestled among lush vegetation, its narrow streets lined with whitewashed, red tile-roofed houses, what a cozy, enigmatic place this is...

  • Pátzcuaro
  • Zacatecas

Built on the banks of Lake Pátzcuaro, this Magical Town boasts a special kind of charm due to its surrounding...

  • Tequila
  • Jalisco

Tequila is the proud producer of the worldwide acclaimed spirit that bears its name. It is the magical land ...

  • Cuitzeo
  • Michoacán

This Magical Town sparkles marvelously on the shores of the immense body of water that identifies it...

  • Tapalpa
  • Jalisco

Nestled in the state of Jalisco's grandiose Western Sierra Madre mountains is the "Land of Colors", full of oak and pine forests,

  • Tlalpujahua
  • Michoacán

Surrounded by majestic trees amidst the slumbering rainforest in southern central Tabasco, Tapijulapa comes into

  • Mazamitla
  • Jalisco

Mazamitla lies concealed by the mists of the Sierra del Tigre highlands, where the fresh aroma wafting from the fruit trees ...

  • Taxco
  • Guerrero

A colonial gem built on mining, the town's winding cobblestone streets, bustling plazas and grand old homes, their balconies ...

  • Capulálpam de Méndez
  • 0axaca
Real de Asientos

A matchless jewel of Oaxaca's Sierra Norte, Capulálpam enjoys forested areas and exceptional beauty, a prodigious variety ...

  • Santa Clara del Cobre
  • Michoacán
Real de Asientos

The whitewashed adobe retains traces of reddish dust, while the tile roofs beckon you to stroll through its cobblestone streets...



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Exploring the Environs

Huasca de Ocampo


The closest international bridge and federal inspection station are located in the city of Miguel Alemán, 14 kilometers east of Mier. They connect with Roma, Texas and Federal Highway 83, which runs parallel to Mexico’s Route 2 in the direction of Laredo and McAllen, Texas.

More to Know

Villa de Santiago
Bioparque Estrella, a fun zoo with 700 animals running free on 300 hectares, is 45 kilometers from Santiago on the federal highway. A great place to take the whole family.

December 4-12:

People from nearby villages take part in the fiestas honoring the Virgin of Guadalu-pe with all kinds of regional dishes, pilgrimages and fireworks.

September 13-16:

Mexico’s independence is celebrated in style here, with bullfights, flower competitions, charreadas (Mexican rodeos) and other communal activities.

September 21-24:

The Las Mercedes Virgin is honored with serenades sung to her, fireworks and pilgrimages.