Many travelers who only go to Tajín make the mistake of missing out on this Pueblo Magico. The parish of Nuestra Señora de la Asuncion, the monument to the volador (person who flies), and its markets – where you can taste dishes like the delicious zacahuil – in addition to its lovely streets, are places where you can spend an unforgettable afternoon. At the town hall, it is possible to hire the services of a local guide: they know every corner of the town and its surroundings, such as household vanilla plantations or ranches like El Gaya, where you can buy natural vanilla.





Music and Dance


God wanted for Totonacas to be a culture enamored with dance and music. In Papantla, many of their ancient traditions in music and dance are kept alive and thriving. If we consider the very famous Voladores (flying men) as performers of an acrobatic dance, we will find in this ritual their most celebrated ceremony. Another renowned ceremonial is that preformed by los guaguas, also of Pre-Hispanic roots. The santiagueros come from the tale of the colonial epoch and negritos from the African echo of slavery in the New Spain.

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World Heritage Site


The ritual of Papantla’s Voladores (flying men) is included in one of the designations made by UNESCO, that of Intangible Cultural Heritage. The tradition of this spectacular ceremony has extended from Totonac Papantla, as far as Central America. A mix of music, mysticism and acrobatics, the ceremony links a pure respect for the nature to the spiritual world. In the hypnotic evolution of flyers from the heights, humanity conserves myths about the origin of the world and makes an offer of incomparable beauty.



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Route experiences

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States that make up


Birthplace of the Toltec culture and soccer – the national sport –, Hidalgo still conserves Pre-Hispanic vestiges like the Atlantes de Tula. Pastes, which we owe to an English colony that settled here, are famous: a variation of British pastry, adapted to the local gastronomy. The capital, Pachuca, is a colorful city that you can walk, from whose streets you can contemplate a hint of what the Hidalgo Huasteca can offer. From extreme sports to a historical visit, this is a state you cannot skip.



Veracruz displays a long line of tourist offers in its territory: from the capital, one of the most important commercial ports in the country, to Catemaco, in the north, Pueblo Mágico whose visitors seek spiritual cleanses. In between, there is the radiant Costa Esmeralda (Emerald Coast), the charming and colorful town of Tlacotalpan, and the fortunate city of Poza Rica, in addition to hidden spots that the visitor could to discover.



The extensions of open skies and desert landscapes clash against marine scenes and border lands. This state has energetic cities that benefit from manufacturing or petroleum, but they are also interesting cultural centers and effervescent commercial axes. The natural attractions – like the biosphere El Cielo –, its reserves destined to hunting tourism, and the charming beaches that crown the coast, are of great value to the country.


San Luis Potosí

The capital city of this state is one of the most important in the country, where the Colonial constructions will overwhelm you with their beauty. But the plurality of the state is what is truly amazing: from the greenery in Huasteca – where you can find indescribable constructions by the surrealist Sir Edward James –, to the silence of its desert – famous because of Real de Catorce, a destination which was once a mining town and is now a tourist attraction that has been visited by personalities like Jim Morrison or Enrique Bunbury.