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Morelia: A taste of the best in Colonial style

Things to do

Walk in Historical Downtown

Morelia is a colonial town with strong Spanish and French city design and architectural influence. A clean and well-kept city, it is a delight to walk through Morelia´s historical downtown where you can visit many beautiful buildings, as well as art shops, handicraft and textile shops. You will definitely want to include in your walk Morelia´s two-tower cathedral, the Dominican nuns convent (Ex Convento de las Rosas), the Colonial Art Museum, Saint Francis Church (currently the State of Michoacan craft shop) and the Government Palace, which has great significance in Mexican history. You will also want to visit the Fuente de las Tarascas, presenting three princesses from pre-colonial times and the Candy Museum


Morelia is a refreshing experience for "foodies". Local ingredients are as good as these can be because Morelia is located in the center of a rich agriculture and livestock production area, where traditional production methods are still in practice, giving natural, organic products with authentic original flavors. Michoacan has many medium and small restaurants with great local dishes, but also an always growing amount of high cuisine restaurants where you will delight in Mexican and international gastronomy. Many of their cheffs have been trained abroad and have found in Michoacan a splendid place to develop their creativity.


Patzcuaro, thirty five miles form the city of Morelia, is a wedding or romance destination in itself. Located next to the Lake Patzcuaro, with vibrant vegetation, a mild climate and old well-maintained mansions that give this town the most authentic and country side flavor that you can enjoy in Mexico. There are hotels and boutique hotels which will gladly cater for a small to medium size wedding and Patzcuaro and its surroundings. including Hacienda Ucazanaztacua, make an incomparable sightseeing route for a romantic trip or a side trip to your wedding guests

Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve

If you happen to plan your wedding or honeymoon during the winter season, please plan for you and your partner or your guests a visit to the 56.2 thousand hectares Monarch Butterfly biosphere Reserve, located in the rugged forested mountains of Michoacán. Every winter, millions, perhaps a billion, butterflies from wide areas of the United States and Canada return to the site and cluster on small areas of the forest reserve, coloring trees in orange and literally bending branches under their collective weight. It is easy to organize a day trip from Morelia or Patzcuaro and an experience well worth the time.

Zirahuen Lake

Breathtaking Lake Zirahuan showcases its crystalline water colors which range from a deep blue to a jade green; reflecting the surrounding ancient forests of pine, oak, cedar and fruit trees. Wild thistle grows alongside the road and luscious blackberries are cultivated in the region. On the shore lies the village of Zirahuen, known for its rustic wooden cabins called 'trojes', traditional structures that have been built for centuries by the indigenous population. Lake Zirahuen is the perfect destination for mountain cycling, horse driving, kayaking, gotcha and enjoying a 50 meters high zip line.