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Guadalajara: Cradle of Mexican traditions

Things to do


Charreria is a very Mexican tradition, which consists in the local-style display of horsemanship. Remember that Mexico, as the US, was originally a country with a large agriculture and livestock industry. Charreria became with the years a national sport and a well-kept tradition. It is still actively practiced in specific venues called "lienzos". Charreadas are colorful and exciting performances worth watching. These include choreographies performed by horse-riding women in their colorful traditional customes, usually with lively Mexican music. Hotel desks can tell you where to find a charreria show during your stay.

Sightseeing of Historical Downtown

If your idea of romance is exploring a new place with your partner, in Guadalajara you will be able to spend one or several days enjoying the architecture of its colonial plazas and visiting its museums. Don't miss the museum "Instituto Cultural Cabanas" formerly an orphanage built by famous architect Manuel Tolsa and currently a beautiful museum whose walls were decorated by the Mexican muralist Jose Clemente Orozco. You can also visit the regional museum ("Museo Regional", where you will find about the history and culture of Jalisco, the City Museum, and the Arts Museum (“Museo de las Artes”) in the University of Guadalajara, with permanent and temporary exhibition of Mexican and international artists.


If you are in Guadalajara it is well worth a one-day trip to Tequila, world-known origin of the agave-based liquor. There is a train excursion service, which allows you to make the one-day trip to Tequila from Guadalajara. On board you will have live music, tequila-based and soft drinks and a visit to a tequila factory. If you prefer to go by car or with a tour guide, your concierge can easily help you make the corresponding arrangements. Several important tequila firms, among them Cuervo, offer guided visits and the opportunity to have a taste of Mexican cuisine together with Margaritas and high quality Mexican wines.