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Nichupte Lagoon, Wildlife Haven

Visit the Nichupte Lagoon and set your eyes on its mangrove swamps, home to crocodiles, leopard frogs, iguanas and white turtles.

Approximate length of the tour:

Two to three hours.

How to get there:

Tourist operators such as Aqua World offer tours, boats leave from the shore.

The challenge:

Watch a crocodile on the banks of the swamp… make sure you watch with care!

What you will need:

Swimwear, biodegradable sunscreen.

Do not miss:

Watch the sunset from the newly opened pier.

Cancun, one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, charms its visitors with its blue-swathed landscapes. After all, only a particular kind of place is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, wonderful shades of blue and the immense Nichupte Lagoon, which is home to mangrove swamps and tremendous biodiversity. To take the best views of the area, head to the hotel zone, also called Isla Cancun, a strip of land which divides the sea from the lagoon. Rather than just viewing the Nichupte Lagoon from afar, why not explore its swamp-lined canals and take part in a wide range of adventure sports?

Nichupte is in fact a lagoon system extending over three thousand hectares and comprising seven bodies of water, including the Bojorquez Lagoon, the Mediterranean Laguneta and the Lagoon “of Love”, so called due to its heart-shaped formation. Nichupte also links up with the Caribbean Sea through two canals called Sigrido and Nizuc. The lagoon’s main attraction is in its mangrove swamps, a natural area protected by the Mexican Government. These ecosystems are vitally important, since they protect the coastlines of Cancun from the erosion and wear that would otherwise result from storms and hurricanes. If that weren’t enough, the swamps also reduce the level of pollutants in the water, helping biodiversity and preserving the nearby reef formations of Isla Mujeres, Punta Cancun and Punta Nizuc.

Nichupte has four kinds of mangroves which protect countless wild animal species: red, black, buttonwood and white mangroves. These harbor plants and animals which are indigenous to the region, such as crocodiles, leopard frogs, iguanas and white turtles. To discover this wildlife haven, you can take a yacht, boat or motorboat trip during the day. Although you are not allowed to get too close (since you could frighten off the animals), you will get the chance to watch some of the species, birds in particular, in their natural environment. Many boats cross the mangroves and continue their tour on to the nearby Isla Mujeres coral reefs, which are ideal places for deep-sea diving and snorkeling.

Nichupte is also a place wher you can practice other activities, such as recreational fishing and kayaking, and the more adventurous among you can gear yourself up for a spot of waterskiing. It all depends on how much adrenaline you want to feel running through you! If you’re travelling with a partner and you want some romantic time, an evening boat trip is a must.Another option is to visit the newly opened pier, where tourists can take pictures, go for a stroll or a bike ride and enjoy wonderful views of the lagoon and the hotel zone. This path, which is more than a kilometer long, has benches, access roads and a boat terminal. It is the ideal place to enjoy the evening after a day packed with adventure.