If your vacation idea is not limited to resting on the beach, visiting a museum, or enjoying all the comfort of a resort, then Mexico is your dream destination, since in its territory you can practice so many adventure activities, that you would spend months trying complete all your options. Mexico is a unique country in the world for adventure tourism, since in its territory you can touch the skies or reach the depths of the earth.

In no other destination in the world can you do base jumping in so many scenarios, from buildings, mountains, waterfalls, antennas, bridges and caves.

Or you can swim in the cleanest oceans, diving with sharks, with whales or diving into the deepest cenote in the world.

You can also climb the second highest mountain in North America or the largest monolith in the world, and depending on your conditions, you can even try to reach the top by running in less than three hours.

Mexico is recognized as one of the countries with the most impressive scenarios for base jumping and has one of the most incredible places in the world, the Sótano de las Golondrinas in San Luis Natural, a cavern considered a Mexican Natural Monument because thousands live inside. bird's. This vertical cavern is so special that it is an inverted cone, at the top its diameter is 60 meters, but it widens until it is 300 meters in diameter at its base. In addition, its height is 512 meters, 376 vertical depression, just compare with the Eiffel tower that its height is just 324 meters.

But if your thing is not to jump into the void, we will not list all the destinations throughout Mexico where you can take a plane to go skydiving. Instead of them we will list you some destinations where you will also feel the adrenaline to the fullest, but in the middle of the sea.

If you thought that the huge and dangerous White Sharks could only be found in South Africa or other extreme destinations, you are wrong, because in Mexico you can also dive next to these intimidating sharks, on Guadalupe Island, in Baja California. You will have to travel to Tijuana, from there to Ensenada and hire the services of professional guides who will take you to the island and offer you training and all the necessary equipment, starting with the special cages for your descent.

But if you want to get out of the cage you can travel to Playa del Carmen where if you have a diver certification you can hire the experience of descending an average of 23 meters deep to swim with the intimidating bull sharks.

Or if you are looking to meet the largest shark in the world, travel to the island of Holbox and jump into swimming without any major equipment along with the huge whale sharks that swim calmly without flinching at your presence.