Restaurants Festival

The governments of Mexico and the United Kingdom are celebrating the "Year of Mexico in the United Kingdom" and the "Year of the United Kingdom in Mexico” in 2015, to promote a better understanding between their societies, and as a result motivating business, exchange and cooperation in various sectors.

For gastronomy, a series of back to back dinners will take place to promote the culinary and cultural exchange between both countries. Each dinner will be a collaboration between a Mexican and a British Chef, preparing a dinner together with a menu that showcases their own and unique culinary styles, from both Mexico and the UK.

The dinners will take place in both countries, leading to a genuine exchange of culinary techniques and ingredients.

Calendar of Events

Other Culinary Events in London

Ven a Comer takes place in London as part of Dual Year Mexico – United Kingdom 2015 activities. It is an event that brings together various activities and gastronomic workshops to show the richness, diversity, history and importance of Mexican cuisine among British audience.

These workshops are conducted by the most important and renowned Mexican Chefs, both in Mexico and internationally, and seek a closer relationship between the audience and the ingredients, recipes and the best Mexican chefs, who are winning the most prestigious awards in the world, consolidating Mexico as a world-class culinary destination and a gourmet paradise.