Sierra Gorda, Queretaro
Sierra Gorda, Queretaro


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Things to do

Rock Climbing in Mexico


Going vertical up Mexico's sheer cliffs and canyon walls is a thrilling challenge that always leads to personal bests. On the way up you meet birds and other creatures, check out ancient cave paintings and marvel at vast cerulean skies filled with hundreds of cumulous clouds. Top Mexico rock-climbing: Peña de Bernal, in Queretaro, is the world's third largest monolith after Gibraltar and Sugarloaf—once you see it, you know you've got to climb it. Nuevo Leon's Potrero Chico and its up-to-2000-ft limestone faces are some of the most intense climbing adventure you'll find anywhere in Latin America—or the world.

High Sierra Trails in Queretaro


Queretaro—the historic and natural heart of the ranch and mining region known as the Bajio—is a mountainous gem famed for its thermal springs, mysterious archaeological sites and Huasteca region biosphere reserve. In Sierra Gorda mountains, where visitors blaze ancient highland trails past missions and pre-Hispanic ruins—on foot or bike—to take in panoramas like no others on earth. But whatever you do, don't miss out on Peña de Bernal, a monolith as steep as Gibraltar or Sugarloaf, where you can climb or rappel a 944-foot cliff. This is the Mexico intrepid adventurers love most.