If we go to the definition of business tourism, Mexico could be as attractive as any other country, since it is the gathering of travelers to close a business or to reach an agreement. A trip intended for entrepreneurs, executives, merchants. Always in order to achieve a professional benefit.

But if we leave the definition aside, and think of all the environments that can contribute so that these travelers, who may not know each other, can feel at home and encouraged to have a successful meeting, then Mexico takes the lead in the countries candidates.

Because in Mexico, receiving a tourist is serious, whether it is someone who only wants to walk the streets of the city, or the businessman who will meet a possible partner to close an agreement of several or many millions of dollars.

Mexico has the infrastructure for any business meeting, from the smallest to the largest, with settings that may be at the seashore as well as with views of the mountains or settings of modern cities or colonial towns.

Our country is prepared to receive this traveler, generally with high purchasing power, who travels in the low season and who is generally looking for large cities where he can have all the services guaranteed for his meeting.

Unlike other countries, such as Spain where business tourism is concentrated between Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, in Mexico there are many destinations that have the infrastructure and that receive thousands of travelers every year who attend a convention or a congress.

In addition to Mexico City, events are held every year in host cities of large industries, such as Guadalajara and Monterrey. But there is another area that registers great industrial activity all the time, the Bajío, in the state of Guanajuato, or in downtown Querétaro, where there is a large concentration of companies with international capital.

Business tourism in Mexico, however, is not limited to areas of great industrial development, since it is a great attraction to hold events in colonial cities, such as Mérida, Zacatecas, Chihuahua, Durango or Aguascalientes.

And not to mention the beach destinations that are in themselves a great attraction for travelers to a convention or a congress, who find the event unmissable, simply because they are in Cancun, La Paz, Acapulco, Mazatlán or Puerto Vallarta .