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Adventures in Mexico

Adventure in Michoacan


Many say Michoacan is the most beautiful state in all of Mexico. Spread across a magnificent range of volcanoes, its valleys make up some of the nation's most fertile farmlands; its lakes have provided inspiration and sustenance for millennia. In between, travelers find quaint colonial towns like Patzcuaro and Uruapan, or take up big-city pleasures in Morelia, the beautiful state capital. For natural wonders, Michoacan has established itself as a must see destination for the overwintering sites of the Monarch butterflies, where literally hundreds of millions of these beautiful creatures migrate to a handful of sites withing Michoacan's protected forests.

Adventure in Chiapas


Mexico’s southernmost state, bordering Guatemala, is home to some of the nation’s most spectacular nature and indigenous culture. Blessed with a varied climate that ranges from hot, sunny beaches to cool, misty highlands and rainforests, Chiapas features waterfalls and mangrove forests, sheer cliffs and breathtaking lagoons. The plant and animal life is among Mexico’s most varied, home to wild orchids and towering ceiba trees, howler monkeys, parrots and even big cats like jaguars and ocelots. Don’t forget to visit the magnificent Cascades at Agua Azul.

Adventure in Chihuahua

Copper Canyon

Discover Chihuahua, one of Mexico's best kept secrets, far from the tourist track. Beneath the deep purple of the Sierra Madre Occidental, you'll find rainy-season wildflowers and awe-inspiring thunderstorms, followed by blue, sun-drenched skies, cave-paintings and incredible desert wildlife. Quiet towns unchanged for centuries, traces of the Mexican Revolution, and a grand tradition of welcoming visitors. One of the main attractions in Chihuahua is Barranca de Cobre (Copper Canyon), which is a spectacular canyon network which covers over 21,000 square miles, boasting a depth of 6100 feet. The scenery is simply breath taking.

Adventure in Baja California Sur

La Paz

The rugged peninsula between the Pacific and the Sea of Cortez—and so close to the States—is one of Mexico’s most splendid natural wonders. Home to millions of exotic fish species and a breeding ground for Pacific whales, its diving and water sports rank among the finest in the world. If you are a sea kayaking fan, don't forget to check out Espiritu Island, a UNESCO designated biosphere area, which some of the most beautiful rocky island scenery surrounded by impossibly blue water. It was voted most beautiful beach in Mexico.

Adventure in Nuevo Leon


With its rugged, ranchero feel and dramatic desert landscapes, Nuevo Leon has become an insider secret for outdoor adventure, where locals welcome the infrequent visitor with some of Mexico's very best hospitality. Don't forget to try the Matacanes, located in Cumbres National Park and accessible only by 4x4 vehicles due to the rugged terrain of the Sierra Madre Oriental mountains, perhaps one of the most exciting and well-known high adventure mountaineering excursions in Nuevo Leon. It’s a course that can take 8 hours that can combine trekking, rappelling, cliff jumping, and hiking through extravagant and beautiful waterfalls.

Adventure in Oaxaca

Puerto Escondido

With one of Mexico's most varied landscapes plus incredible biodiversity, it's no surprise Oaxaca is such a must-see. Many start out at the state's rugged, unspoiled beaches, and some of the strongest waves in the Pacific. Tropical country in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec offers splendid lagoons and amazing wildlife. For surfing, don't forget to check out Puerto Escondido, where you can experience the blue crush of some of the best waves in the Pacific, and get acquainted with Surf culture, Mexico style.

Adventure in Queretaro


Queretaro, the historic and natural heart of the ranch and mining region known as the Bajio, is a mountainous gem famed for thermal springs, mysterious archaeological sites and the Huasteca biosphere reserve. If you are a climber or trekker, don't forget to check out Peña de Bernal, which at 1150 feet, second only to the rock of Gibralter Sugarloaf Mountain. It is located in San Sebastian Bernal, a small town in Queretaro. Your trek and climb will be well rewarded with the spectacular view.

Adventure in Quintana Roo


One of Mexico's wildest and most singular states, Quintana Roo is so much more than party animals at Cancun. Its world-famous white sand beaches and dazzling azure waters—home to the planet's second largest coral reef—are just the beginning—the gateway to amazing animal diversity, exuberant flowers and trees, and traces of the Mayas' magnificent civilization. Don't forget to visit one of the world class ecotourism parks, such as Sian Ka'an, Xcaret, or Xel-Ha, who transparent blue waters, and fish give visitors a wonderful cenote or shore snorkeling experience. Or opt for diving on the largest reef in the western hemisphere.

Adventure in Sonora

Rocky Point

Sonora's deserts, expanding north from the shores of the Sea of Cortez, make for once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Get ready for mind-blowing cactus tableaux, golden sunsets and swirling sand, in and around towns and villages suffused with a self-reliant, yet open and friendly vibe. It's a welcome like few others in Mexico. One of the most appealing things about Sonora is its closeness to the US boarder, where you can experience a desert or Sea of Cortez coastal view, with a few hour drive into Mexico.

Adventure in Veracruz

Acueducto Chapultepec

Veracruz is a natural wonder featuring everything from tranquil beaches and jungles to even frozen tundra at its highest elevations. In the national park “Cofre de Perote” the ascent to the mountain can be practiced and in the peak, in the rocky formation, the rappel can be carried out. In Orizaba Peak there is an access to the skirts of the volcano, by Xometla. Since there it can initiate the ascent. The place counts on four shelters that serve as starting point for the ascents, two are located in the north side, in a place called “Piedra Grande”, Large Stone; and the other on the side called “Torrecillas.

Adventure in Yucatan


Yucatan is like no other place on earth. Home to some of the Mayas, most important ancient cities, is a place of verdant jungles and mysterious cenotes, hundreds of explorable caverns, and some of the best bird watching on the planet. Yucatan state is known for some of the best cenotes found on earth, due to the prevalence of lime stone and underground aquifers, providing the perfect ingredients for a dream like shaded alcoves, with rope like roots dripping from the jungle above into clear azur blue waters, perfect for you to relax, explore, and have an experience like no other.