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Traveling with pets and food products

The importation of live animals, and certain foods, can introduce pests and diseases that are not present in the region and cause ecologic and economic disasters.

In order to avoid this, officialsfrom SAGARPA-SENASICA carry out routine inspections at maritime ports, borders, international airports and crossing points throughout the country, supported by trained dogs to detect any organic product that may represent a health or safety risk.

Before traveling to Mexico, it is very important that you become familiar with the requirements for introducing live animals, or products and byproducts of animal, plant, fishing and aquiculture origin. These requirements can be found on the SENASICA web page:

If upon your arrival to Mexico you DECLARE that you have an agricultural or food product in your baggage (purse, suitcases, bags, backpacks, etc), a SAGARPA-SENASICA official will evaluate the health condition of the item and determine if an importing process is required, or if it must be retained and destroyed in accordance with government ordinance.

Prepare yourself to avoid delays and help keep Mexico safe for yourself and others!