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Museums and Cultural Centers in San Luis Potosí

From the Mask Museum to contemporary sculpture


This city projects a stately image with its plazas and gardens, streets lined with elegant homes, and its fine religious architecture. On entering the mansions and palaces one will find excellent museums and cultural centers in San Luis Potosi.

The Federico Silva Museum lives up to its motto: “The pride of contemporary San Luis.” It is well worth going to see Silva’s masterly sculptures.

The first Latin American museum of contemporary sculpture is to be found in a hospital building that was in use until 1905.

This San Luis Potosi museum is divided into two permanent exhibition halls, displaying the excellent works of Federico Silva and six temporary galleries. Technology has been used effectively in interactive presentations explaining the history of the building and its contents.

Other major museums in the city are: the San Luis Potosí Regional Museum, the National Mask Museum, and the Manuel José Othon House Museum.


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